Wedding O'Clock! An Illustrated Coat of Arms for a Well-Travelled Couple

I love working on wedding-related projects! It's never boring to hear a couple's story and turn it into personalised illustrations for them. I've worked on several wedding invitations this year, and this is the first that I can (finally!) share with you. 

'Sebleni', as you may have guessed, is a a mash-up of the Bride and Groom's names. They commissioned me to create a Coat of Arms to illustrate their wedding invitations. I took a rather classic shield layout and filled it with many of Sebleni's shared interests (music, photography, travel and, er, mimosas and pizza) as well as representing their cultural heritage. I drew symbols of the places they come from, as well as the place they now call home together. Everything I included has special significance to them both, from the Hawaiian frangipani flowers to the twisted pretzel heart!

Sebleni decided to post their invitations digitally,  rather than opting for a paper version. Although I love printed goodies, I think this was a highly sensible idea given their very, very international guest list! They used Paperless Post, and the template they chose is truly gorgeous and luxe. I included a screenshot below, with all personal info blurred out.

I love the way the invitations turned out, and I hope the happy couple enjoy using their Coat of Arms as their official seal...for their wedding and beyond! Here's to an amazing wedding and a happy life filled with delicious mimosas for you both, Sebleni!