Self-Portraits, Musings, and David Bowie

Many of us have been thinking about David Bowie this week, and reflecting on his life. If you're anything like me, you'll have been caught off guard by the way these Bowie-musings have made you think about your own creative work. 

Sticking to your guns about what you like, with clarity and conviction, is no mean feat. Bowie did it so well, again and again and again. His dedication to his changing personal tastes - and ability to unabashedly embrace his 'weirdness' - is what made Bowie so beloved by anyone who felt they might be a 'weirdo' too. But he's also a role model for anyone trying to make a life out of creating beautiful things that they love. To quote from my Instagram:

 'I used to draw self portraits ALL THE TIME but then I just... stopped. When I started freelancing with my creative work, I stopped making enough time to create things for ME, things I made for the simple reason that I felt like it. I've been thinking about this a lot this week, as a direct result of David Bowie’s death - he was so loyal to his personal vision, and didn't give a damn about producing work that stayed 'on brand'. If anything, he changed his brand on a whim, as soon as he got bored, and always kept pushing ahead creatively. I need to do more of that, and keep exploring and switching things up, even if it just means posting the occasional moody self portrait amongst my usual, more upbeat, doodles! Thanks for the reminder, David. This should be my resolution, not just for 2016, but for life.'

And so, this week, I got out my inks and my mirror and stared at my face and my paper for a while. And it felt good.

Here's to a creative and experimental 2016. Thanks for the inspiration, DB.